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Del Mar Marriott

Attention test takers- please please send an email to lsac on how horrible our proctors were today. The talking, cellphone going off, eating wrapped candy etc. please please!!!!


  • theASopkotheASopko Member
    32 karma

    Congrats on finishing! I didn't notice the distractions so much, but the conflicting test center numbers we were given is a bit concerning. I am planning on calling LSAC tomorrow to let them know that we were told the test center number on our tickets was incorrect, and given a four-digit number for a five-digit space on the answer sheet. I just don't want our scores delayed!

  • 702 karma

    Thanks for the comment. I took the test previously at cwsl and it was a night and day difference. Two of the proctors sat behind me and were talking among other things. ?? congratulations to you too!!! Thank you so much for the response!

  • KeepCalmKeepCalm Alum Member
    807 karma

    I am so sorry ? that sounds terrible! Congratulations on finishing the exam despite the distractions!

  • theASopkotheASopko Member
    32 karma

    For anyone that sat for the test at the Marriot, I spoke with LSAC and they've made a note that there was a discrepancy between test center codes, but that it shouldn't affect our scores regardless of whether you put the four-digit or five-digit code.

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