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Who believes they nailed LR on the June?

polticallyobjectivedonaldpolticallyobjectivedonald Free Trial Member
edited June 2018 in June 2018 LSAT 8 karma

I believe I lost most of my points in LR and feel really confident in LG and RC. Again, I had three LR sections so hopefully the harder one was an experimental. Anyone feel they may have managed to score above 170


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    I think I had the same layout LR,RC,LR,LR,LG?

    Most people were pointing to the first section being the experimental, which sucks because I think I nailed that one. I think I did OK on the LR all together though. I liked all the point of disagreement questions.

    I had the most trouble on the LG. I finished the first one in good time, mapped out the second one but saw no inferences right away. I moved on to the third, finished in good time. Then got to the forth and was struggling with it. Ended up running out of time and had to guess on all the questions for game 2. :[

    RC I only struggled with the sulfates one.

  • saraheq1saraheq1 Alum Member
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    @"gerth.brooks" I felt the same way! Overall, I feel pretty good about the LR sections and was happy that the first one was the experimental. LG was the only thing that gave me any grief- the second and last games got me for sure! I definitely guessed on a few too. Hopefully we guessed right.

  • jlaw7494jlaw7494 Alum Member
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    I only had the two real LRs and feel like it was way easier than I expected (not sure if that should make me confident or worried). I noticed that there were a ton of two-person argument type questions (perhaps more than usual?) A few tricky ones stood out though, namely the one with mosquitos and the one about the biased political column.

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