Admissions Webinar + Editing Giveaway! Weds, Jun 27 @ 9 p.m. ET



  • RoelaB93RoelaB93 Alum Member
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    I vote for how to pick a personal statement topic. Very helpful!

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
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    All the lessons have been very helpful to me, but if I had to pick one, it'd be "How to Write a Personal Statement: Story Basics". I don't have grandiose stories that have massive wow factor. I'm just not that interesting. So finding a story to tell in my PS was difficult. This lesson really helped me when I was stumped on how to begin.

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    I think the most helpful lesson was about personal statements and how the optional essays are strongly encouraged.

  • skiatook89-1-1skiatook89-1-1 Alum Member
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    Thank you for doing this. There was so much great content, however, a couple of the key takeaways for me was with resume formatting (and importance) in addition to touching on the strategy for gaining better scholarships. I do intend on reaching out as I would really like to get some advice regarding my specific situation.

  • autumnajautumnaj Free Trial Member
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    Thank you for the answer to my question in the webinar!! It really helped to calm my nerves about writing my personal statement on my previous internships while still being able to stand out in the application process.

    The overall explanation and portion concerning the personal statements was the most helpful for me. I am glad you broke it down into ideas such as why we want to be a lawyer, and explaining that it doesn't simply have to be a second in time that made you realize you wanted to go into this profession, but rather it can be a slow transition into this mindset over the years.

  • jmarmaduke96jmarmaduke96 Member Sage
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    I have not finished the 7sage admissions course as of yet, but I believe that the most helpful overall lesson will be "How to Pick a Personal Statement Topic". Thank you for putting this webinar on, things like this really do reinforce the supportive nature of 7sage!

  • fkhodapafkhodapa Member
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    I chose the lesson 'What do I do right after I get waitlisted?'. I feel as though around that time my anxiety would be at an all time high so any extra work I can put into my application (or I guess the general process) would be much appreciated. Knowing there are actions I can still take to give my application more of a chance, and receiving guidance regarding that process is extremely helpful!

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    I vote for How to Write a Personal Statement: Story Basics. This lesson gives great insight on how to shape any personal statement, which I find extremely useful. Thank you for hosting tonight's webinar.

  • humanbeinghumanbeing Member
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    I liked the Admissions Timeline too. Very helpful. Thank you! Thanks for the webinar!

    I'm a non-traditional student, PhD, several years of pro se legal experience (with some good results), 10 years of human rights experience. Is there any way around the LSAT?? What do you advise? Thanks!

  • mlm143mlm143 Free Trial Member
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    When you discussed about applying to 3 safety schools, 3 target school and 3 reach school using your LSAT scores. In addition, the last question you answer, on the webinar, was helpful about applying below the median lsat score. Thank You 7Sage.

  • SLP_futureJDSLP_futureJD Alum Member
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    Another vote for the "Admissions Timeline" lesson.

  • ad_coelumad_coelum Alum Member
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    I vote for "Personal Statement Basics" and all related info on how to pick a topic for your main essay. Thanks for the webinar!

  • mcbeezersmcbeezers Member
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    While I haven't completed the admissions course yet, my favorite lesson so far has been "What Affects Your Chances of Getting Into Law School?" I love the analysis and the presentation of data.

  • bbgold24bbgold24 Member
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    I’m voting for the Law school application checklist lesson because I it makes the LSAT process manageable. I have used it every step of the way!

  • tyson7776tyson7776 Alum Member
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    "Financial Aid and Scholarships for Law School (2018)" is one of my favorite lessons. I've had to work hard for every penny I have, so an explanation on how to leverage scholarship offers from other schools was truly helpful.

    Thanks for the webinar!

  • Victor WuVictor Wu Alum Member
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    The admissions timeline was very insightful.

  • MimsquadMimsquad Member
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    I vote for "How to Brainstorm."

  • hallen88hallen88 Free Trial Member
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    For me, as a person that's been out of undergraduate for over 5 years, it was helpful to hear about what law schools are currently considering their top priorities, as well as what does/could affect my application. Thank you for your time, 7Sage team!

  • GBC_2025GBC_2025 Live Member
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    Super helpful seminar, particularly the timeline and unpackaging of the application. Of the course, really appreciate the regression model (as an economist) and the deeper dive into what the point of each essay really is/how best to approach it.

  • Alyssa VAlyssa V Member
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    I vote for the "Why School X Essays" section. Very helpful to know how to approach this kind of essay

  • edited June 2018 534 karma

    I vote for the "Advice for Recommenders" topic. You can send the link or screenshot and it seems less aggressive than personally typing out a list of LOR advice because it's coming from a formal Law School Application-related service.

  • AthenaMinervaAthenaMinerva Alum Member
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    The most helpful lesson to me was the Essay Templates lesson.

  • A. HarrisA. Harris Free Trial Member
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    I've personally found the material related to the personal statement body construction as the most helpful! So far, I think I've figured out what story I want to tell about myself, but have had a lot of difficulty molding and shaping that story to be original and relevant to an admissions committee. This section has really helped me refine my message and communicate why I'd be a solid candidate for admission.

  • Jessi DiJessi Di Alum Member
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    Thank you so much for this webinar.

    I really appreciate all the real feedback! It did not feel generic and I didn't feel that you were trying to up-sell me on anything; I felt that you were sincerely just sharing resources and information. Some things I learned: I hadn't thought about calling the admissions office, or how to approach a professor in writing me a letter of recommendation, or really considered the $10 admission course in general. Does the course have a "prep-schedule" like the LSAT course does - where you pick the date you plan on taking the test and then it calculates a timeline based on that? I think that would be really awesome if it did!

    This is a side comment from me; I get nervous about writing a personal statement. I keep reading/hearing that I should write it as a story, which to me means it's a creative writing assignment. I am not very strong in creative writing. My writing is short and to the point. Don't get me wrong, I love to write! I just don't have experience writing stories and I get nervous that my writing style might not benefit me in this case. Would the admission course help me better write to meet the demands of this assignment?

    Thanks again,

  • Isaiah4110Isaiah4110 Alum Member
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    I vote for What Good writing Looks Like.

  • HopingforT14HopingforT14 Alum Member
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    I found the What Counts as a Valid Diversity Factor? and How to Pick a Personal Statement Topic most helpful - provide a lot of concrete advice for areas that are often glossed over in "fluffy" terms. Lots of other good practical lists, examples throughout the course.

  • daragarciahdaragarciah Free Trial Member
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    Getting a sense of the additional resources 7sage offers and a walk through of the admissions process was very insightful. Thank you!

  • danny_d5danny_d5 Core Member
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    The admission timeline is extremely useful

  • astrowiseastrowise Alum Member
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    Most helpful lesson was "Why School X" Essays. I did not know that if offered you should definitely write these

  • David BusisDavid Busis Member Moderator
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    Thanks for coming, everyone. Quick question—were you taken to the admissions course ( after the webinar?

  • sharleensharleen Free Trial Member
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    @"David.Busis" Hi! I registered for the workshop but I when I click the link from the email it takes me to a page of previous workshops rather than the current one! Help please?

  • Mrs. SharkMrs. Shark Alum Member
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    I vote for the Admissions Timeline and the Section of Personal Statement as the most useful. The Admissions Timeline is very easy to follow. I am taking the November LSAT, so it does stress me out a bit to see I should have started this process much earlier, but the timeline seems to show that it is still possible to get everything done.

  • 7SageThanks7SageThanks Free Trial Member
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    I vote for Addenda

  • LSAT_WreckerLSAT_Wrecker Member
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    @"David.Busis" I was not taken to the admissions site. I have already purchased the $10.00 intro package, so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

  • jesse_hellojesse_hello Free Trial Member
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    Letters of Rec!!!

  • fedlimius1fedlimius1 Free Trial Member
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    I think some of the sample essays are really helpful. It's great to see how you give feedback on them.

  • jmarmaduke96jmarmaduke96 Member Sage
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    Hi @"David.Busis", as I said above, I vote for "How to Pick a Personal Statement Topic". To answer your recent question, yes, I came back to the home page after the webinar!
    Thank you again!

  • amakhyoun90amakhyoun90 Free Trial Member
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    Personal Statement the Final Polish

  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Core Member
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    @"David.Busis" I was not taken to the admissions course after the webinar.

  • pinkglamourllcpinkglamourllc Free Trial Member
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    I vote for "How to Pick a Personal Statement Topic"

  • sunflowersandlawsunflowersandlaw Alum Member
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    If I were to choose, I think "How to Brainstorm" is probably the most useful. I'm having a lot of trouble just trying to figure out how to write this so it provided a lot of great ideas! It's a difficult decision, though because I also very much liked the timeline. BTW, thanks for today! The admissions webinar was well done and helped organize my thoughts as I used it as my "starting point" for my own application process (I took the LSAT in June).

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
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    @"David.Busis" said:
    Thanks for coming, everyone. Quick question—were you taken to the admissions course ( after the webinar?


  • notorious.bjtnotorious.bjt Alum Member
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    I vote for How to Pick A Personal Statement Topic!

  • n_m_ 321n_m_ 321 Alum Member
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    I vote for How to Write a Personal Statement: Story Basics. I think including general examples on what to do/avoid along with specific writing samples/essays would further strengthen the lesson. Thank you.

  • Ellie0257Ellie0257 Member
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    SO bummed I had to miss this. Is there any way for me to access a recording of it?

  • humanbeinghumanbeing Member
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    @"David.Busis" said:
    Thanks for coming, everyone. Quick question—were you taken to the admissions course ( after the webinar?


  • amicuslsatamicuslsat Alum Member
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    I vote for "Financial Aid and Scholarships for Law School (2018)". Thanks a lot for the webinar, it was super helpful! :)

  • PearlyGoGoPearlyGoGo Alum Member
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    I vote for "How to Write a Personal Statement: Story Basics", it really helps to get a clearer picture on how to write a good personal statement.

  • momoney6801momoney6801 Alum Member
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    Most helpful lesson was "Essay FAQ". Thank you!

  • 9uevaOrden9uevaOrden Alum Member
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    I vote for How to Pick Your Personal Statement Topic. Thank you for giving the webinar! Tons of useful information.

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