How do you know if you're ready to register for a test? Should do all PT's from 50-80?

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  1. Should you aim to do every single PT in the past 10 years? (From PT's 50-80?)

  2. How do you know when you're ready to take this test?

  3. Or another question, how do you know when you're ready to REGISTER to take this test?

I really want to register for like the September test date, but I just don't know if I'll ACTUALLY be ready by then.

Currently BR score is in mid 170s, timed scores 160s fluctuating a lot. I've drilled all PT's from 19-40 and have completed PT's 40-50.

I am hoping to try to do all PT's from 50-80 these next few weeks, but it's a lot of material and I don't know if I can cover all of it.

Any advice, suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    My advice would be quality over quantity in your PTing. When you take each PT you want to blind review it thoroughly which it seems like you are doing a solid job of. You also want to analyze where you made errors and why. Few mistakes are ever really "stupid mistakes". There is a reason for almost all of them. If you learn from each PT that will be better than rushing through them to get through them in a set time.

    As far as being ready to register for the test, I would say when you get to a plateau you would be okay with applying with register. Then try to improve on it with whatever time you have left before the test. I found that having a date scheduled provided extra motivation to study.

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    You can't predict how quickly you're going to progress, so you have to be a little flexible. I set two numbers as soft guidelines to achieve that flexibility:

    1) the lowest score I would consider using to apply
    2) I picked the highest ranked school I hoped to be a target school (I compared my GPA to 75th percentile GPA numbers to determine this) and aimed 2 points over that school's 75th percentile LSAT

    I refused to register until I achieved at least one of those two as an average over 3-5 PT's.

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    @btate87 thanks!! :)

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