LR - Question Stem & Type - Memorization? List?


Hi everyone,

I am having trouble identifying question stem types. I often get confused between Strengthen and Must Be True/ Sufficient and Pseudo-Sufficient. Are there any lists of common question stem phrases? Does anyone have online flashcards I could use?



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    I made my own flashcards. I think there are some online, but they're always hard to print out. It also helps you lean things when you write them down.

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    Hi, thanks for responding. Do you know where in the curriculum JY provides us a list of common question stems? I don't remember where and I'd love to go back and re-read.

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    Thinking about the nature of support could help. With Must be True types, you're generally supporting the answer choice using the stimulus. Key words in the stem include "logically inferred" aka a valid inference/conclusion.

    With PSA, Strengthen, and SA question types you are using the answer choices to support what's already stated in the stimulus. Strengthen generally states "Which one of the following, if true, most strengthens" or "supports" the argument. PSA generally states the key terms "principle most justifies" the statements above. Lastly, with SA you're being asked for an assumption that helps make the argument logical. This tells you that you're looking for an assumption that makes the argument valid, meaning the conclusion must be true, so the assumption is sufficient. This differs from NA types that generally use group 2 indiciatiors like the assumption "required" or what assumption the argument "depends" on.

    Hope that helps!

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