Practice Test - 50% Done with CC?

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Hi All,

I am very close to being 50% done with the Core Curriculum. Is it a good idea to take a PT just to start getting into the habit of applying what I've learned thus far and check to see if there's been any progress?
I've only taken one PT (the 7sage diagnostic).



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    Taking a full PT is a waste of time. If you're really itching to see how much you've improved, reprint the diagnostic test's LR sections and try them again.

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    Hi, everyone. Thanks for answering my question. Why is it such a bad idea to take a test at 50%?

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    Because PT's are golden. There are a finite number and they go quicker than you think. Use the first 25 pts or so to learn the basics, but you should be drilling and mapping out argument structure not taking timed sections. This is especially true if you have done 100% of LR 50% of LG and 0% of RC as the RC and LG sections would be wasted. Continue drilling, complete the CC, and then test- you will have plenty of time to do so later.

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    If you're really itching to verify your progress, you can always do a timed or untimed section of LR, RC, or LG (or all 3) from PT 1-35. Sure, there might be a couple of recycled material from the CC (so if you remember the answer choice be sure to account for that inflation in your score) but it gives you a good vehicle for application. Be sure to BR thoroughly as well!

    It's a bad idea to do a PT before finishing the curriculum for a bunch of reasons but I'll give you two main ones. First, the material is precious so while 40+ fresh PT's sounds great, some people need all of that merial before their test. Others might not end up using it all. The only way to know what category you fall into is after you take your test. If you get your goal score without using up everything then it's great. If not, then you could be in a predicament where you have to re-take and you don't have fresh material left. That's not so great. While there is merit in re-taking or re-doing material you're already familiar with, it's not an ideal situation.

    The second main reason is, you're setting yourself up for dissapointment. You've only started to accumulate some of the knowledge required for the test. If you test prematurely with some knowledge and 0 application skills, then the chances of you getting a less-than-ideal score increase and you'll just end up feeling frustrated, dissapointed, and that the x amount of time you've put into this hasn't been worth it. But that's not true. You know you've learnt stuff because of all the small victories you've had while going through the curriculum, so why jeopardize that and your long term wellness for a dose of instant gratification.

    PS that battle against instant grantification is something you'll encounter a lot while BR-ing and even while doing PTs/drills. Fight it. After all, you'll have to wait like 3 weeks to find out your score after an official take :neutral:

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    Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the insight. :)

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