Thanks 7sage! 163->172

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Hi guys.

My subscription is expiring this week, so I just thought I'd say thanks before I go. Even though I didn't post much, this website and community were instrumental to my LSAT improvement over the last year. I went from a 163 diagnostic, to 168 in September, and finally to a 172 in June. With my 3.5ish GPA, even that four point improvement at the end was a huge boost to my admissions chances. I was actually only shooting for a 170 when I signed up for 7sage.

I improved so much in LG with the foolproofing method, and the analytics tool helped me pinpoint and address my other problem areas. 7sage works! Blind review and foolproofing work! I couldn't have done it without 7sage. Keep working and you'll get your target score.

Sometimes it didn't feel like I was improving much, but it's just a slow, slow process. Looking back, I think I improved about one point per month of study, but sometimes that improvement was masked by the +-3 pt fluctuations between practice tests. I definitely had periods where I was consistently scoring below where I should have been -- for example, in April I had a string of 168s, right after I had been consistently scoring in the low-mid 170s. Don't get discouraged by that stuff -- you know you're improving!

Also: I have to rag on Powerscore before I go. The Powerscore LG Bible overcomplicates logic games. I definitely prefer the way that JY teaches them. It is not helpful to spend hours and hours learning how to organize logic games into tiny, discrete categories. Actually doing timed logic games is what will help you get to -0.

Thanks guys! Peace out.


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