Just got Ultimate - what should I do?

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Hi all,

I was registered to do a PowerScore in person class in less than a week, because I really like the self study books and thought it would be good for me. However, exactly a week before the class was set to begin, I received a phone call saying the class was canceled due to lack of attendance. Pretty shitty of them. However, I immediately signed up for 7sage Ultimate instead, which I think will end up working out better for me, in the end.

My question now is should I start from the very beginning of the CC, or what? I've been studying hard for about 2 months now (and overall, much longer than that), with the PowerScore books. I started from the beginning of the lessons two days ago, and quickly became discouraged because in a sense, it felt like I was starting from the very beginning again. I became frustrated.
Of some subjects, I feel I already have a very good understanding. That being said, of others, I need to improve mine, because I've plateaued at 157 for awhile now. Really sucks. What should I do? My aim was to take the September LSAT. The only PowerScore self study guide I didn't have was the Reading Comp one, so maybe just start from that for the beginning? But I still feel I need to have a much stronger understanding of Logical Reasoning? Help! Feeling frustrated and a bit lost.


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    Welcome to 7sage :),

    I previously took a in class course before I became 7-Sager so I know how you feel.
    1) Breathe , the LSAT is a stressful process and it ok to be anxious .
    2) I would go through the CC in order , do not move on until you have sufficient understanding of the materials . It does no good to rush through the material. A strong understanding of the fundamentals is everything in the process, especially if you are having trouble with LR. Each section has some drills at the end , I completed some and left some for later drilling .
    3) After the CC there is a webinar called Post CC strategies by Can’t Get Right which is an excellent guideline on what to do after the curriculum . Definitely take time and watch it .
    4) Before you take practice tests , it is recommended to make sure to foolproof logic games. This takes students 1-2 months but it is invaluable to get logic games down . This section has become a favorite because I know I will get some good points 95% of the time.

    You will be ok. Sometimes you will be discouraged , but I think you will find 7sage has a way of making the LSAT seem doable and I couldn’t imagine taking the test without this course. Lastly, when I started with LR I started with getting like half wrong per section to a best of -2, so if you invest the time I have no doubt you can improve.

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    I would also recommend that you start over. If you are doing well you can speed things up a little bit. But take your time and enjoy the ride. You will be better much better off if you move at your own pace instead of focusing on your scores.

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