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Anyone have an opinion on this Florida law school. I’m considering whether I accept admission. Last was 150. Pro vs cons any welcome. Gpa of 3.65


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    This was June score

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    You need to give more information yourself and what your goals are. Have you looked at their employment statistics?

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    Yeah it really is going to depend on your own expectations and career goals. I don't know much about the school other than the numbers but from what I see, I would never attend this school. But i'll stress that this is a personal decision. You shouldn't look to anyone on this forum to decide your own goals and expectations. What we can advise you on is the quality of a school given your goals and expectation.

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    If you're not looking at T14 schools, I think that scholarship is a huge factor to consider. I mean, it is for everyone, but I would apply to some schools with LSAT averages below your score as well to see what you can get.

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    I went to FIU undergrad!

    The FIU law school is a really great program. Its class sizes are pretty small and it provides a more intimate learning space. Its a relatively new school (it was created in 2000), so its ranking is not spectacular (although impressive for being less than 20 years old and its bar passing rate is one of the highest in FL). The only thing is that it doesn't have an extensive network of alumni, which is something to think about concerning job prospects. However, FIU has powerful connections within the Florida area so it wouldn't be difficult finding opportunities of work/internship in the region.

    From my personal experiences, FIU is very helpful with students, especially when it comes to ambitious students who have an idea of what they want but need help and mentorship. FIU is a new and emerging public university in Florida that's really threatening the ranks of established school like UM or UCF, so it has a great incentive for wanting to help students that would make the school look good. So based on that, I'm sure that if you know what you want, FIU would help you get there.

    That's just a very general overview, so if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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    This may not help much but my dad actually graduated undergrad from FIU many, many years ago. We currently live in a very small town in another state and my dad has been shocked at how many FIU grads he seems to encounter randomly throughout the years - our next door neighbor who moved in several years after us turned out to be an FIU grad.

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