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How much does it hurt my chances to apply for law school in December/Jan than October?

arhkoparhkoparhkoparhkop Alum Member

I missed the July 23 deadline to register for the September LSAT and now have to take it in November. Assuming I apply with a 3.89 GPA (from an OK state school) and high 170 LSAT score, what are my chances of getting into a T14 law school, specifically a T3? Are my chances significantly worse? Should I just wait until next year's June LSAT and take a gap year?

Thank you


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    I second this question! (:

  • MAMagzjdMAMagzjd Alum Member
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    Same here.

  • shegotitshegotit Member
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    Cant you still apply to the school but just have your November scores sent to them so that its the only thing they have to wait for?

  • jkjohnson1991jkjohnson1991 Alum Member
    edited July 2018 766 karma

    Applying in late November/early December (likely when scores are released) will not hurt you, especially with those scores.
    Just have the rest of your application submitted or ready to go as soon as that LSAT score is released.

  • samantha.ashley92samantha.ashley92 Alum Member
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    You're mostly risking scholarship.

  • hawaiihihawaiihi Free Trial Member
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    A good article from 7sage admissions on this question:

  • oi0o9oi0o9 Free Trial Member
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    You can proactively submit your application to the school and request that they anticipate your November scores.

  • csearen99csearen99 Live Member
    edited November 2023 117 karma

    just realized this was from 5 years ago. I assume you are already in Law school by now LOL. i do not know how to delete comments so i’m just going to say that.

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