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Newer PT without 7Sage explainations or Older with explainations?

SleepyslothSleepysloth Member
in General 61 karma

So I only have 7Sage premium and therefore have PT's up to 58. However I have printed copies of PT's 62-71 (obviously without 7Sage explanations though) and considering I only have 6/7 weeks until test day and only able to do 2 PT's a week without burning out, what would you guys recommend? Should I just take the older LSAT's that I have available on 7Sage with the explanations or do the newer ones and try to make do... Thanks for any advice!


  • You can get the LG explanations for free for any LSAT PT whether you purchased the more expensive package or not. There is also plenty of explanations for any PT online if you search for the other 2 sections.

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