7Sage-ing on the go - help!!

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I'm looking for some study advice. I'd love to be able to have more of a life (LOL) while I study for the LSAT, but because 7Sage doesn't have a mobile friendly app, I'm left to studying on my laptop or work computer. I'm wondering if it's feasible/possible to do the lessons on a tablet with relative ease? For example, I'd love to be able to go to the gym, hop on the exercise bike and do lessons simultaneously (a more modern Elle Woods studying type, I suppose!).

Because I work full-time, I've found myself choosing studying over regular person activities, and I'd like to see if anyone has had experience with "outside of the box" 7Sage-ing!


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    The 7sage app definitely works better on a bigger screen. When I had an iPad I would use the app sometime . I would say if you want to multi task you can definitely watch videos on the go on a tablet . It may be difficult to write notes so you may want to consider that and make up some sort of system. Maybe a keyboard with your tablet .

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    I personally wouldn't recommend going through the CC while on an exercise bike, but you could definitely listen to Webinars/AMAs, possibly even review electronic flashcards (like Quizlet). If you're in the PT phase, you could possibly watch video explanations for questions while working out.

    Another option is to listen to podcasts. It's definitely not directly LSAT-related, but podcasts like NPR's Planet Money, Hidden Brain, and IntelligenceSquared are great at improving your general knowledge and might be good subject exposure for RC and LR.

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    It’s definiely tough studying while working full time and it sure does eat into your social life haha. I think it’s going to be tough studying while doing other things like working out though. A lot of the lessons are interactive and you need to make sure you’re really absorbing the material. The podcast idea is solid though - I recommend The Thinking LSAT and the Above The Law podcast. While Thinking LSAT gives some advice about the LSAT that I don’t personally think is the best, it’s entertaining and keeps you in the zone of focusing on the test.

  • Habeas PorpoiseHabeas Porpoise Alum Member Sage
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    Oh yeah, I totally second Above the Law's Thinking Like a Lawyer. Also, Law School Toolbox is pretty great.

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    I was definitely the girl studying for exams while doing cardio (gross) for a while. Like @"Habeas Porpoise" said, I would recommend saving the gym studying for webinars. You don't want to blow through new material while semi-attentive.

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