Fool Proofing LGs - Can I throw them away?

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Hi all,

I am currently drowning in papers because of all the fool proofing I've been doing. Once you finish fool proofing a section of games (i.e. all the "Introduction to Logic Games & Sequencing Games" logic games) do you throw them away? Do you keep them? What's the most efficient way to manage all this paper? I plan to return to the games I just fool proofed, once I'm done with the CC for Logic Games so I'll be returning to the ones I've already fool-proofed to make sure that what I've learned sticks.
I've heard of people keeping track of their scores/ timing per logic game on excel but that seems a little unnecessary to me and I am not the best at Excel.

I hope I made sense.



  • BroccoliBroccoli Core Member
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    I don't print out 10 games. I print out clean copy and do 10 times and keep it in my binder so I can go back and do it again.

    I gave up cleaning my desk so I'm drowning in papers too

  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
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    I'm on the excel team for sure. It's either one excel document or literally hundreds of pieces of paper. I also do a lot of games right out of the 10 Actual series and just do my writing on scrap paper so that I can re-use the games without a bunch of erasing or anything. I don't really see the point of keeping games that you've done already unless you really want to go back and try to figure out what your method of reasoning was on each one. Since each game should really look pretty much the same after you've taken it two or three times it just seems like a huge waste of space to keep them. I keep track of my scores and timing so that I know which games I've done and how many times without having to dig through papers and count.

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    @Broccoli180 said:
    I don't print out 10 games. I print out clean copy and do 10 times and keep it in my binder so I can go back and do it again.

    I gave up cleaning my desk so I'm drowning in papers too

    Thanks for responding! I feel like I'd need huge binders and multiple ones if I put them in a I don't know if that's the route for me, to be honest. :/ I might just throw them out at some point once I've done them but Idk if that's a bad thing.

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    I also print out only one copy and do them over and over again in my notebook.

  • BroccoliBroccoli Core Member
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    @LAWYERED I printed out pt 1-45 and fits in one medium binder. It sounds like a lot of work but saves you a lot of time ... I just started doing this cause I hate going back and looking for pages and printing it out

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    Thanks everyone! @Broccoli180 I reread what you said and now I understand your approach. :) If I hadn't already printed out a TON of the logic games, I would try your approach LOL. (Maybe for future games I will)
    @MissChanandler is there any way you'd be willing to share the Excel format you're using either via email or through an extensive description? I would be interested in using an excel document if I could conceptualize the best way to use it for logging my logic game practice. Every time I sit down to make an Excel doc I end up deleting it because I feel that I'm not using it effectively.

  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
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    DM me your email and I'd be happy to send over what I've been using!

  • Smorph0u0Smorph0u0 Member
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    I also just print out one clean copy and redo them on draft paper.

    When I FPed, I would do 5 PT of new games every morning and note down the time and number of questions I get wrong in my note book. Watch the video explanation and then redo only the ones that I got more than one questions wrong. When I redo those games, I would do them untimed and draw all boards for all ACs. Then I would redo all 5 PT of games again after dinner on the same day. Again note down the time and wrong AC. The next day I would repeat only the ones I noted as "Too long" or "Too many wrong", before doing a new 5 PT set.

    I was on a time crunch when I FP so this approach allowed me to finish all 35 in a week. I think the intensity definitely helped me drilling down certain approach in my head ^^. Hope this would help.

  • SamiSami Live Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    I don't keep paperwork because I know that if I ever fool proofed a game I completely mastered it. Which means after a month of not seeing that game I still got -0, was under time, and felt like I owned the game.

    In order to fool proof the game you have to do it so many times and the process starts over again that it ends up not mattering. Your goal each time you put away a game is -0, to get it under time limit and to feel like you own the game. If I do a game and any of that isn't true then I re-do that game the same day until I can answer yes to all the questions. When that happens, I put a clean copy of that game in my next day pile. If the next day, the first time I do the game I cannot check all the boxes of foolproofing, I again re-do the game that day till I get it (-0, under time, and feel like I own it) and a clean copy goes in my second day study pile. If I check of all the boxes on second day, I put the clean copy of that game for my next week pile. Once I get it in the next week pile, it goes in my next month pile. After that, I am just done with the game. Anytime its less than the required, the process starts over again.

    I tried keep up with the excel sheet and I thought that it was just frivolous and time consuming and just not needed when I knew I wouldn't have put it away in the first place if I felt like I didn't master it.

  • Beast ModeBeast Mode Member
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    Hi everyone,

    Do you scan every game initially then complete it on a notebook for fool proofing? I am wondering it's worth it to scan every game or just complete it in the book.

    Thank you

  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Core Member
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    I just print out copies from 7sage. I know it's kind of wasteful but I like to simulate real conditions and I'm going to recycle it all when I'm done.

  • Beast ModeBeast Mode Member
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    Thank you!! @Emily2122 :smile:

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