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Has anyone taken/will anyone be taking the LSAT at Junipero Serra High School (San Diego, CA)?

iluvcandy07iluvcandy07 Member
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I signed up for the November LSAT yesterday and couldn't choose the test center I would have liked to, which has good online reviews from previous LSAT takers with respect to desk space, lighting, room size, etc. So I signed up for a location that I couldn't find any reviews for: Junipero Serra High School (in San Diego, California). It looks like the July LSAT was offered there, and the upcoming September one is being offered there too.

Have any of you have taken the LSAT there, or are going to in September? I would appreciate any information/insight you have on this test center!


  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
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    I haven't, but this site has reviews for tons of test centers:

  • iluvcandy07iluvcandy07 Member
    edited September 2018 50 karma

    Thanks for the link! Unfortunately, Junipero Serra isn't on there-- or any other website that compiles test center reviews-- since it's a newer test center. Again, if anyone has-- or is taking-- the LSAT in this location, I'd really appreciate your thoughts!

  • iluvcandy07iluvcandy07 Member
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    Bumping in case anyone on here took the lsat @ Junipero Serra this past weekend

  • NefertariNefertari Alum Member
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    Hi! I also couldn't choose my preferred test center for the September test and signed up for Junipero Serra. Overall it was a good experience! For one thing, it has free parking available right in front of the test taking location. They divide students into different classrooms and each class is monitored by a few proctors. The only problem is that the classrooms have different types of desks and chairs. Thankfully I had a big desk shared with just one person 2 seats away. But another classroom had those really small two-in-one desks with a chair attached to it.

  • iluvcandy07iluvcandy07 Member
    50 karma

    Thanks so much @Nefertari for the info! I sent you a message :)

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