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Taking PTs as part of 7sage LSAT prep that have been taken to study for the LSAT in the past

bedouinbedouin Free Trial Member
edited October 2013 in General 25 karma

I've just realised that when I first wrote the LSAT (June 2012), I took PT52 to PT60 to "prepare." This was before I discovered 7sage and I used the "betting method" to check over my answers.

Do you think it will be a disadvantage, if I redo the tests? I have the Premium version of the course, so there are some test that I have never seen before, though there aren't a LOT of new ones... and I did them over a year ago. I have a good memory, but it's not that good, lol.



  • kraft.phillipkraft.phillip Free Trial Member Inactive Sage
    444 karma
    I think redoing a test here or there is actually good for you. You can more thoroughly see the tricks, especially in LR. The score you get will be a bit inflated I'd assume, but there's something to be said for absolutely mastering a PT. The only way to do that is to redo one.

    I took the October Test, so I'm done with studying until I get my score back, but I had a few blind reviews that I got a 180. I still had more I could've learned from those tests. My approach to studying presumed that studying more preptests was the best, and I don't think that's true anymore. You really need Breadth and Depth. I really think that you could get into the 170s with just redoing 10 preptests, and maybe even get there faster.
  • kraft.phillipkraft.phillip Free Trial Member Inactive Sage
    444 karma
    Definitely do the most recent ten though.
  • bedouinbedouin Free Trial Member
    25 karma
    Hmm. I think you're definitely right. Perhaps I'll purchase some newer tests when I get through the curriculum, provided I've got the time.

    Thanks for the insight. :) good luck with the score. Hope you dominated!
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