Good luck, 7sage fam!

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For those of you taking the test tomorrow, I'm thinking of you!

If you are studying right now... STOP! Seriously haha. You've done all you can do. You've put in the time and effort. Now is the time to rest, relax, reflect on all you've done, be proud of yourself for how far you've come. Go watch a movie, take a walk, read a dumb magazine. Let your mind rest. Eat good meals, go to bed at a reasonable hour. You got this!

And remember, tomorrow's test is important, sure. But it is also just an LSAT like all the others you've practiced before. In a few weeks, tomorrow's test will be published as PT 85. That's it. Nothing special about it. It has normal LR and LG and RC just like you've practiced for hours and hours. It's just one more PT along the way.

Now, go get some rest, and good luck tomorrow!


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    See you all on the other side, or in November...

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    You guys are amazing! Good luck all

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    i just wanted to say...

    i love you guys

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    Thanks Leah, you're awesome.

    What's your situation now? Have you updated the community? I remember you got accepted into UCLA, but wanted to go to Pritzker, right? Are you in 1L right now or planning to retake?

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    Good luck all.

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    @Bamboosprout Aw, so nice of you to remember. I ended up withdrawing everything, the financial offers were a bit less than I would need to have it make sense. :( I applied late in the cycle though, so I think just applying again earlier would open more doors. I'm currently planning on re-applying this cycle, although I'm likely about to get a job offer that I may want to accept. That might push me back another year. But for right now, I'm registered to re-take in November to try to squeeze out a couple more points, and working on essays for a new application. I was thinking I'd likely ED to NU this year but unfortunately with the lower scholarship now, I think I probably won't do that anymore. ::sigh::

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    @"Leah M B" said:

    Oh seriously? Didn't the scholarship only go down by 15% or something? Is that a deal-breaker? If it is, then I respect you for making the practical decision. I'm a dreamer.
    But yeah, good choice with withdrawing. I'm in a similar position, applied with a Feb LSAT, and just did the Sept. Good luck to both of us. I'll hit you up for feedback when I draft my PS. Hope you don't mind.

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    I saw this last night and was too jittery to respond. Today when I took the LSAT, during the part where the proctor was going over the instructions, I was thinking of how happy I was that I had a whole community to go back to in terms of 7sage. I think messages like this help a ton. THANK YOU @"Leah M B" !!! =)

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    @Bamboosprout Yeah, went from $150k to $120k, which means an extra $30k in debt, total would probably be around $150k in debt. My personal goal is to keep debt under $100k. I’m an older student and have no desire for BigLaw, so need to keep debt as low as possible. I might consider that for NU, but just a little too much for me to feel comfortable binding.

    @btownsquee Yay, I’m so glad you had something positive to focus on for test day. Hope you crushed it!

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    @"Leah M B" said:

    Ahhh, thanks for the perspective.

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