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Blacken extra ovals for reading section

yichen29yichen29 Alum Member

Hi everyone, I am posting because I recognized that I had actually blacken 29 ovals for the reading section and I am wondering whether I should cancel my score. Given that there were only 25 questions in the reading section, I must have repeatedly blacken several ovals. However, I cannot recall whether I made this dreadful marking mistake early on or not, but I feel like my entire response for RC is misplaced and the worst scenario is that I may score nothing for my RC section.

I am extremely anxious right now because the September exam is my fifth and also the final shot. I took my first exam last year and canceled the grade because RC smashed me. I score in the lower 150 twice and my highest score is 158 so far. I was hoping to use the September exam to boost up my score and get application done, but now all I want to do is to cancel my score...

Do you have any suggestion? Should I cancel this time and apply with the 158? Or should I keep it and retake in November? If I decided not to cancel this time, will a extremely low score hurt my overall application? Thanks so much and any help is appreciated!

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