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I'll read yours if you read mine: Personal Statement(Diversity Statement also if you are open to it

Mia FairweatherMia Fairweather Alum Member
edited September 2018 in Law School Admissions 221 karma

I took the September 8th LSAT and doing my retakes in November, I am taking this week off from studying before I jump back into the LSAT Study grind so I figured I would use this time to not worry about the LSAT and focus on something more relaxing: my law school applications and would love to get some feedback on my personal statement. If you send me your personal statement I would be more than happy to read over it and give you some serious feedback, I love helping others make something they have written even better. I am currently working on my diversity statement and would love to get some one to read that as well, if you are interested message so we can exchange info. September test takers, hope you are enjoying your break!
side note: the fact that I find working on my law school applications almost soothing as compared to studying for the LSAT is very telling...


  • LSAT_WreckerLSAT_Wrecker Member
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    I’m down. I’ll read both and send one (PS).

  • Mia FairweatherMia Fairweather Alum Member
    edited September 2018 221 karma

    @hdsfrankof said: Admin note: spam; comment deleted
    Hey! I think that the personal statement is one of the most important paper to be admitted to the university and has to be done perfectly! Thats why I used to approach professionals at Admin note: spam writing platform where I have got a great review of my statement and useful tips to improve.

    How exactly did you approach professionals? The link just took me to info aboutdoing a research paper ?

  • Gladiator_2017Gladiator_2017 Yearly Member
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    @"Mia Fairweather" I think that might be spam.

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