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Strengthen/Weaken Answer Choices with the word "Some"

edited November 2014 in General 98 karma
Is it a good idea to avoid answer choices with the word "Some" for Strengthen/Weaken questions? Are these answer choices ever correct?


  • SoCal JaporeanSoCal Japorean Free Trial Member
    147 karma
    I had some answer choices correct that had "some are not". I had one that I can remember that I got wrong because it said "many". Some people think "many" and "some" are interchangeable. I do tend to avoid answer choices of str and wkn with "some" in them but I make sure to not over look a "some are not"
  • harrismeganharrismegan Member
    2074 karma
    Yeah you know what, I'm just going through a prep test, and one of the answer choices for weakens (the right one) is a "many"... which I've been told IS interchangeable with some. And none of the other answer choices are some/many. I really think it depends on the Q, unfortunately.
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