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Specific Query on using 7sage for Logic Games, and LSAT Trainer for RC and LR

ValDJrFall20ValDJrFall20 Alum Member

Is it recommended to do the: 1) Introduction to Logic (8.2h), and 2) Advanced Logic (2.1h) sections of the Syllabus BEFORE jumping into the Intro to Logic Games & Sequencing and the rest of the LG topics?

I signed up for 7sage's LSAT starter with the intent of studying Logic Games (LG). I'm primarily using the LSAT Trainer's program and have found it tremendously helpful for the RC and LR sections. I want to ensure that I remain efficient and effective in how I train, all while simultaneously seeking ways to be multiplicative in the different LSAT topics I study. (I hope I am making sense)

**(Disclaimer: I started studying for the LSAT on June 6th, 2018 with the LSAT Trainer and completed the first 18 Lessons. I had some life challenges that took me away from studying. I resumed LSAT preparation with the LSAT Trainer on October 6th, 2018 but decided to start from Lesson 1. I'm about a quarter of the way through the entire book.
I've taken off the next five weeks from work to train up for the Nov LSAT to give myself the most time.

I look forward to the perspectives on this forum.

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