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Strategy for skipping questions, and returning to them on LG and RC

cgracia12cgracia12 Alum Member
in General 737 karma

Hey everyone,

Quick question... When we're in RC and LG and we encounter a question we need to skip, are we supposed to go back to it when we're done with all the questions on that specific game/passage, or do you skip that difficult question, and not look at it until you are done with all the passages, and then go back to reviewing it?

Hope this makes sense, any help would be appreciated, thank you!


  • stew2060stew2060 Free Trial Member
    13 karma

    What I usually do is I do them at the end of the specific game/passage just because I will have a better understanding of the game/passage at that point because I have to analyze them more with the additional questions and will be better equipped to answer that question.

    I don't do them at the end of the section because I personally will forget some aspects of the game/passage, making me to review some of the game/passage which takes up more time and makes it more difficult for me to answer.

    With this strategy I'm usually able to go -0 to -2 on LG and -6 to -8 (which I'm trying to improve) on RC.

  • cgracia12cgracia12 Alum Member
    737 karma

    That makes sense, I was thinking it would be better to do go back to the skipped answers that way for the reasons you mentioned. Thanks @stew2060 ! And great job on the LG scores!

  • TheMikeyTheMikey Alum Member
    4196 karma

    I typically do them at the end of that passage/game. I feel like I would forget things about that passage/game if I went back to it at the very end but if I'm too hung up on the question, I will just guess and get the hell outta there lol

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