November Test coming up - need some motivation please

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The test is coming up and I must say, I'm starting to feel a bit discouraged. I do feel a huge leap from my initial (137) in June of last year because now I'm consistently scoring 149-151 but on PT 38 about two days ago, I scored a 156 which was my best yet. I was very happy, but today I took PT 39 and scored 149. BR'ing and finding it extremely difficult to focus and I'm just doing terrible. I'm not sure if this is just a really difficult exam for me, or if I'm just burnt out? Anyone have any advice, I'd really appreciate it. I think I'm just worried the test in November will be even more difficult than this PT 39 I did. I just felt confident and now not so much :(


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    Hi!! First off, feel free to message me if you want to talk more in detail.

    If you do not feel confident, DO NOT take the test. You need to take the test when you feel with every ounce in your body that you are ready. You should not have the test date and say "I must be ready by this date" but rather, "I will take the test when I am ready." I don't know where you want to get in, but if where you are scoring is what is needed for where you want to get in, then maybe take it just so you can get it out of the way if that is the case. However, I do believe with how important the test is, and how much money in scholarships you can get from the exam and the doors it will open for you, that taking it on an optimal mental state where you know you have studied, and are well rested, is SO KEY. I will tell you that I took my exam not only on a concussion but also was extremely burned out and had 4 hours of sleep, but still tried to convince myself to take it, and now I very much regret it.

    Do not be me and don't repeat my mistake. Don't try to convince yourself you are ready if you aren't. But also if your mental state isn't there- and your mental state is such a key part of how you will do- then I say postpone. Also, don't think that you will magically do better on test day then you have done before. You should be scoring consistently where you want to be- that is when you are ready.

    Also, you have made gains so be proud of that and know that even one point is huge. And also, don't let your PT scores get you down, they are there to help you improve. Remember that it isn't what happens but how you react to situations that will determine their outcome. So maybe take a break, do something other then the LSAT, go for a walk, and remember the big picture of life and be thankful you even have the opportunity to learn and get an education!! Then get back to it. If then, you still aren't scoring where you want, take more time. It's worth it- trust me.

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