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How long do you stay on RC question before skipping it? (esp. for REALLY long analogy RC Q's)

youbbyunyoubbyun Alum Member

hey all,

i know for LR, the usual benchmark is spend 1 minute per question (for 15 in 15, 25 in 25). And If you're at 1 minute and still can't get it, just skip it.

for RC, what's the benchmark in terms of how much time to spend on a question?

For RC, I've heard of ppl view this by thinking of "processes" (read all AC, reread question stem, go back to passage, and if still can't get it, then skip). They focus on "processes" instead of time.

The challenge, though, is there are some RC questions (like the REALLY LONG analogy questions that take up half a page where the question stem is a a paragraph long and each answer choice is a paragraph long), where just reading the question stem and all the AC's takes like 3 minutes.

Should I just skip these REALLY long RC questions, or just dive in them and spend 3 minutes on them?

Any advice or suggestions appreciated. Thank you!

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