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Post-Vanderbilt Application Interview Review


I elected to do an interview as part of my Vanderbilt application. I didn't see any other posts about this on the forum, so I wanted to share my experience.

The "interview" was over lunch. It was really more of a conversation and less of an interview. He did not ask me any questions remotely similar to an interview question. We chatted about the law school application process in general, the law school experience, the reality of law school debt, etc. His insight was very useful and reminiscent of the advice given in Don't Go to Law School Unless... that I read this past weekend.

If you have your Vanderbilt interview coming up that you chose to do as part of your application, no worries! I prepped all these question answers, which was useful, but not entirely necessary. I'm sure my experience is in part dependent upon my interviewer being very casual, but it seems as if these interviews are just to figure out if you're a nice person who would make an interesting and pleasant classmate to the incoming students.

Be yourself and soak in the insight that your interviewer has to offer! Best of luck this application season!


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