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Method for Practice Questions (In core Curriculum)

derek.varnsderek.varns Member
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I am about 50% through the core curriculum and it has taken a lot longer than I had anticipated. I am wondering if my strategy of first trying to work out the problem before watching the video is the best use of my time... Thanks.

Which Option is Smarter for practice questions in core curriculum?
  1. Which Option is Smarter for practice questions in core curriculum?6 votes
    1. Attempt questions solo before watching for an explanation?
    2. Watch the video straight away, and take notes as you go?


  • Beast ModeBeast Mode Member
    837 karma


    It's also beneficial to do blind review before you watch the video. As you do BR, it becomes second nature as you progress on to timed sections and full PTs.

  • keets993keets993 Alum Member 🍌
    6045 karma

    It's time consuming, yes, but JY won't be there to help you during the test. You have to figure out your reasoning first before worrying about whether it's wrong or right (according to LSAC). As @"Beast Mode" suggests, you should approach each question in the core curriculum using the blind review method. Type (or write) the question out. Be sure to identify the question type, the structure of the argument, any gaps or analysis you have of it before you get to the answer choices. Articulate your reasoning (beyond 'this is not it') and go as deep as you can for why four answer choices are incorrect and one answer choice is correct. Then watch the video. The purpose of the video is not just to see if you are 'right' but also to learn a new way of reasoning. It's incredibly time consuming but it's a great practice to get into because you'll be repeating the same process of blind review after each practice tests.

  • Beast ModeBeast Mode Member
    837 karma

    Very well said @keets993! I hope your studying is going well :smile:

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