Comprehensive Consulting Review - 10/10 Recommend

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Hey everyone I've never posted before but I just wanted to take the time to say how amazing the comprehensive consulting is. I wavered on the price, but I am so so glad I went through with it. David and Kurt really really know their stuff. Their writing and editing skills are beyond my ability to put in words. They really held my hand and helped with every single aspect of the application. They answered every question I had and responded in a professional manner without fail. I owe them more than I can express. They helped me write 12 point font/ 11 point font versions of everything - 1 page /2 page versions of my diversity statement, personal statement, resume, etc and provided guidance on whether I should submit an addendum for multiple LSAT scores and David even personally reached out to an admissions committee at a T14 school on my behalf to seek a clarifying answer for me (without even my having requested his doing so!) I had a character & fitness issue as well and they helped ensure that I had the best possible answer uniquely tailored to my personal situation. They even made sure that the differences between my essays as they had to be filled in the textbox vs. being an attachment would look perfect. To sum it up, if I could, I would TOTALLY do it all over again. I seriously cannot recommend or thank them enough. In short - you are getting exactly what you sign up for and more. As you can tell by my username - I wouldn't have been able to do it without them <3


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