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Need to go from a150 to 155/160 in 4 weeks, doable?

Jdawes42Jdawes42 Alum Member
edited December 2018 in General 17 karma

Hey everyone I'll be sitting for my first test this January under disability accommodations due to a broken hand. Im currently pting at an average of about 149/150. Examples: PTJ07 Diagnostic :145,PT36:150 BR:162,PT40:153,BR:160 PT42:151 BR;159, PT50:152 BR:162.

LR: Average -11.3, Best -8. Worst -15
LG: Average -9.3, Best -7, Worst -11
RC: Average -11.7, Best -9, Worst -16

My goal realistically is around a155 or a 55 yet my highest pt has only been a 153. My first PT was 11/19, since then I've made a +7 (LSAT Test Analytics page.)Is this doable? I plan to revisit the CC fundamentals on LR & LG, while drilling timed LR and LG sections my worst two imo, lastly I've also started working with a tutor Friday. Does anyone have any advice for me to help me increase my score ?


  • redshiftredshift Alum Member
    261 karma

    Forsure doable. If you can get LG to -2, while maintaining averages in your other sections, you're looking at a ~161.

    LG is the one section where effort put in = consistent and demonstrable gains. If you spend a month drilling LGs and seriously foolproofing, you can get to -2/-5.

    Because 4 weeks is a short amount of time, you have to put in work where work put in = results. Results are harder to gain in LR and RC than LG. It's therefore more time efficient for you, given your goals, to spend as much time as possible drilling LG and foolproofing.

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