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Paper vs Digital: Are some LSAT takers screwed?

ricomortis11ricomortis11 Free Trial Member
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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if people were worried about the LSAT's transition from paper to digital format. I'm used to the traditional paper-pencil format for a test. I never had prepared for an exam that would be taken on a computer (aside from my driver's permit).

I wanted to hear what others had to say about it and what it would mean for future law school applicants.


  • ExcludedMiddleExcludedMiddle Alum Member
    737 karma

    The CC on here is all "digital," and the logic underlying the test will be the same, so I don't think it'll be a huge adjustment. The weird part, I think, will be switching to doing LG on scratch paper. Since scores will presumably be released a lot faster with the digital format, any tradeoff in terms of difficulty will be well worth it. And it seems that many people who have tried the digital LSAT have had positive experiences.

    Another benefit of a digital LSAT may be that it will crack down on cheaters better. People who try to bubble in a few answers really fast when time is called with a paper format will likely not have that as a possibility on the digital test. It will probably just automatically disable the option to input anything else in that section when time has expired.

  • _aisling__aisling_ Alum Member
    289 karma

    I'm glad I'm not the only one nervous about it.

    I have never used a tablet (trying to figure out how to remedy that as it's not in my budget to purchase one to practice with). I have been working with the Khan Academy LSAT course in addition to 7Sage since those practice tests are closer to what the actual experience will be (although I am using a laptop and not a tablet).

    I also read that they provide a pen rather than having you bring your pencils - I am very much a pencil person (and struggle with comfort and handwriting clarity when using ball-point pens) so currently am having quite a bit of anxiety about how the actual test-taking experience will go.

    I haven't seen anything on 7Sage about releasing any training geared toward the digital exam - has anyone else come across any word on those sort of updates?

  • Pride Only HurtsPride Only Hurts Alum Member
    2186 karma

    From what I've read the advantages seem to cancel out any disadvantages for lots of people. For example, I've read LR is much easier on the digital screen. RC however is not. I've heard LG is unchanged because you're given paper. Bubbling is quicker so it does probably save a minute or so per section. And here's another point. I had a bad proctor in Nov who called time early. Twice! I believe digital test has a timer at the top of the screen so no need to worry about that. I imagine this also means we don't have to worry about watch problems. (I forgot to reset my watch in Nov on sec 2 and had to guess how much time had past totally wrecked my nerves.

  • tltl1111tltl1111 Yearly Member
    78 karma

    will they provide scratch paper for Logical Reasoning section?

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