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Digital vs paper LSAT

caitlinmang92-1caitlinmang92-1 Core Member
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Hi everyone,
First time poster here. I just started my study journey for the February 2023 LSAT. I actually took the LSAT about five years ago and did terribly as I mistakenly thought I could cram 3 weeks before the exam.
As far as the new format as the test goes, can anyone share any tips? I took a digital diagnostic on Khan a few days ago and I felt it was much harder to stay focused reading digitally as opposed to on paper. I know we can have scratch paper for the games, but how did you guys manage to not physically mark up reading comp for instance?



  • trevorNYCgoaltrevorNYCgoal Core Member
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    I took my first LSAT this past June (2022) and I also really struggled with the digital format as opposed to written.

    A couple suggestions I’ve seen on the comment threads and that I try and take practice of:

    • Take practice LSAT’s in the digital format. For lack of a better word, it sucks, but it’ll acclimate you to the style.
    • Practice using scratch paper for the sections you anticipate needing it most. For most of us that’s logic games, good to review diagramming and drill sets.
    • As for RC, there was a comment thread recently that offered really strong advice (I’ll try and find it and link it). Essentially, this user would do untimed RC sections, taking as long as they need to read and subsequently mark each section until they had a full understanding. Next, they would rewrite in their notes what they needed from the section (argument structure, only the key ideas). This practice helps minimize the need to take excessive notes or mark up that may limit time and helps synthesize large quantities of RC information into communicable formats. On the digital format, highlighting is going to be your best friend. Practice highlighting when needed and using scratch paper for just the main stuff.

    These are some of the ideas I’ve been practicing and have seen in the comment threads, best of luck!

  • caitlinmang92-1caitlinmang92-1 Core Member
    12 karma

    Thank you so much for your response!

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