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Thoughts on 1-2 months for LG Bundle foolproofing and leaving 1 month (or 1.5 months) for PTs?

hurdlehopper101hurdlehopper101 Alum Member
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I just started foolproofing the LG Games Bundle and want to give my self 2 months tops to complete it. I plan on taking the March LSAT and spending at least 1 month for my PT cycle (2-3 weeks of that month at 3 PTs/week + BR). I want to start PTing mid February at 1/PT per week, then move on to 2 PTs/week and then 3PT/week the last two weeks before the exam. I will be studying full-time for 2-3 weeks before the exam. I am in school and focusing on foolproofing the bundle (Pacifico's Method) in January and February.

Any tips on how to accomplish:

1) LG Bundle Foolproofing in 1-2 months (game sections per week while in school, Pacifico v. JY Method, doing some 1-35 LG sections timed after foolproofing a bunch., incorporating LR and RC drills etc.)
2) Starting a PT cycle, and doing a 1-1.5 PT Cycle with extensive BR
3) Drilling LR and RC

I have Ultimate +. Scored a diagnostic in the 140s early Dec 2018. Struggled with LG games. Average to meh in LR and RC. Break until Jan 1. Rebooted Studying and now working on LG Bundle.

Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • LSAT_WreckerLSAT_Wrecker Member
    4850 karma

    Some thoughts:

    1. Are you dead set on applying late in this cycle? I ask because the March LSAT is very late for a lot of schools and actually past the application deadline for some. Your schedule seems a bit tight for maximizing your potential. If you are planning on applying in the next application cycle, I would delay until June/July/September, based on the progress of your studies.

    2. Fool proofing - I think ~2 months is more than enough time to get through the LG packet if you are committed to work each day. Consistency over time will get you there.

    3. I would not recommend the PT schedule you laid out. I would not look at the problem as "how many PTs can I get through?" There is no magic in burning through PTs. The improvement comes in a deep and comprehensive BR, identification of specific areas of weakness, a thorough review of those weaknesses (return to the CC, redo those sections, do fresh or redo 'old' problem sets), and only then take another PT after you feel you have made some improvement in your LSAT knowledge. If you don't go through this process, just taking PT after PT will likely end up with getting the same score over and over again. The top recommended frequency PTs seems to be about 2 among 7Sage peeps. Personally, I found that doing 3 every 2 weeks felt better because that gave me sufficient time to go through the above process. It helps to think of a PT as a diagnostic tool, not a scored event.

    Good luck!

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