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LG Help: from -0, -1 to -8 on a section that is 1/5 on difficulty

hcdbsu24hcdbsu24 Alum Member
in Logic Games 103 karma

Hi all,

I have been studying for the LSAT for about a year now, and am experiencing a dilemma the past couple PTs I have taken. LG is my strongest section, going -0 and -1 on practically every section known to man since I have fool proofed a few months ago. I have seen a decline in my LG score in the last 3 PTs I've taken. At first I wasn't worried, given this is my strongest section and I was sure everything would go back to normal, but I just finished BRing PT 63 and my actual score was a -8 and BR was a -6 (on a section labeled "easiest"). I completely screwed up an entire game and didn't catch it in BR because I never flagged it! I was feeling more prepared than ever to take the LSAT Flex May 19, and I was feeling more confident because I've been drilling the hell out of my weak points in LR for the past 3 months and have seen an improvement in that score, but what's the point of that increasing if LG is just going to go down? Do I back off the drilling on LR and focus more on LG these last 2 weeks, or do I just double up the studying??? It'll only be two weeks worth, what do you guys think? (Currently studying about 3-4 hours a day).


  • liz08080liz08080 Alum Member
    46 karma

    This has happened to me - It's usually because I'm speeding by the rules on easier games, and making really silly mistakes because of rushing. In my experience, overpracticing is detrimental and taking a break from sections where it seems like I'm suddenly doing worse in has been beneficial. Good luck!

    I'm also freaking out because I was PTing 167-170 between 8 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago, and the last two PTs have been 164 and 165, and I'm worried about the May LSAT Flex reflecting this downward trend!!!

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