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Seeking a remote tutor for improving my LG (taking LSAT in 3 weeks)

JCUI7455JCUI7455 Member


I am looking for a tutor who can help me get to where I need to be for my LSAT in 3 weeks.

My last LSAT score from Oct was 167, and I have been getting -2 to -4 for LG in my PTs. I am ashamed to say that LG is my current worst section since I have been scoring -1 to -2 for my RC and -2 to -3 for my LRs.

I need to get to -0 to -1 for my LG in three weeks' time.I am dedicated to this goal in terms of time and work.

My LG actually worsened as my other sections improved and I probably have became accustomed to some bad habits and faulty techniques. If you are confident you could help me, please DM me.

Time zone: gmt +11


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