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How to Go About a Retake: should I take a 7sage course?

ChiChi55ChiChi55 Alum Member
in General 177 karma

I’m retaking in March and have full time available to study. I took the test in November and received a 155 with a PT average of 157-160. I’ve tried self studying with the Bible’s at first but found them a little overwhelming. Then, I used a tutor who was very helpful in getting the basics down but still find myself having issues. I know what my weaknesses are: reading comp as a whole, timing in LG, necessary and sufficient assumptions in LR, LR questions that are in difficulty 3-4 (Q’s 17+ on test usually). I’ve started blind reviewing and keep a log of each question I got wrong and right and why I got it wrong versus why the right answer is right. My goal is to get a 164+ on the LSAT and get into the University of Minnesota at least (I have a 3.89 GPA).

I was wondering if I should take a 7sage course or continue studying on my own? I should mention I have every PT available and PDFs of question/game types still from my tutor.


  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
    3256 karma

    Since you already have every PT, I would definitely do the 7sage starter course. It contains the whole core curriculum and it is the cheapest option. My first ever PT was a 157, the bibles helped me get into the 160s but after studying with 7sage I was able to score a 172 on the real thing. In the 150s you still have room to improve on the fundamentals, and 7sage can really help with that. I'm guessing that most people on this forum will recommend 7sage- we're on this forum because we like it.

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