Sans paper test and pencil - how to catch every word?

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I am planning to take the September 2019 digital LSAT and I began studying earlier this month with the Khan Academy digital program. On Khan Academy, you can highlight RC passages but not underline, bracket, etc. -- and can't do anything with the LG or LR prompts (although you can use scrap paper for diagramming LG). Now, watching the 7Sage videos, I'm realizing how very helpful it would be to have the paper test in front of me to mark LG and LR prompts and RC passages - and doing my first BR, I noticed that there were a handful of answers I marked incorrectly just because I didn't absorb the question properly!

I see the 7Sage videos doing things like circling important words in the question stems, bracketing premises and conclusions, etc. I know that misreading is such an easy way to lose points so I'm interested to learn: with the lack of a paper test, what are some ways that I can train my brain to catch everything? I sometimes read a question two or three times and still "hear" it incorrectly! I am definitely a paper-and-pencil kind of person and I love marking up pages (even the books I read for leisure get underlined and highlighted), so taking a digital exam is requiring me to acquire some new ways of thinking.

Thanks for any thoughts!

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