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LG Sixth Sense

BamboosproutBamboosprout Alum Member
in Logic Games 1694 karma

Something I have been reflecting on, and I think can help some of you who just started on the LSAT journey are some of the hacks I gained over time. I call them the LG sixth sense. When doing questions, sometimes, you can just feel whether you did something wrong. For example, when you do your acceptable situation question, you can learn from that whether you properly diagrammed the board; when you see a lot of CBT/MBT/CBF questions, you can probably assume that this game can be split into very explicit sub-boards; when you run into a local question stem, but no clear big inference pops up, you probably missed a rule or misunderstood something. These just hacks that came to me after review lot of games critically.
Do you guys have some hacks that you have developed over time for LGs? If so, why not share it? Thanks, and cheers =)

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