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Does your CAS have to be completed before submitting your applications to schools?

trevorjayy1trevorjayy1 Free Trial Member
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-Currently trying to finish getting my last LOR but most applications are due March 1st. Not to mention I'm waiting for my Jan. LSAT. Can I submit applications before my CAS is completed/processed?


  • Beast ModeBeast Mode Live Member
    edited February 2019 840 karma

    Hi there,

    The CAS has to be completed before submitting. You must have a reportable LSAT score. The schools have different minimum requirements such as the number of letter of recommendations accepted. As long as you meet the minimum requirement for the letter of recommendation, you have all of your transcripts from the institutions you have attended and a reportable LSAT score, the CAS will be complete/processed.

    Good luck!

  • Brazil020511Brazil020511 Alum Member
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    You can submit your applications before you have a reportable LSAT, however LSAC will not send your CAS report until they have a score on file. So, your application will be submitted but it will be marked incomplete until your LSAT score is set. It may save you some time in the sense that once your scores are available they will be automatically sent to the schools you already submitted to, however most ad coms will not touch your application until it is complete.

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