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Digital LSAT

alyssamcc0593alyssamcc0593 Alum Member

So I just got back my January score and I am feeling very defeated and dissapointed. I’m not giving up though. I am trying to decide if I should sign up for June of July. I know July gives you your score instantly I am just worried about the digital tests I know they give you scratch paper for LG. Will they be giving scratch paper for LR? I know it is highly based on logic so I like writing next to the statements. That is just my one worry.


  • PeaceofmindPeaceofmind Alum Member
    edited February 2019 446 karma

    Following. Also, for people who get the paper format in July, will they get the option to see the score before deciding whether to cancel?

  • theLSATdreamertheLSATdreamer Alum Member
    1287 karma

    yeah.. i been practicing on paper for a year now lol so im cramming to take it before the digital one starts, i like writing on the paper, i feel that if you're going to do the digital one then start practicing with the PT tests on your computer without printing them. i'm going for march and june.

  • shaari16shaari16 Alum Member
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    Does the digital test give you your score instantly ? I was under the impression that the scores still take time to be released?

  • legal.eaglelegal.eagle Core Member
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    Currently the LSAC website says that it will actually take a bit longer to receive your July score since there will be 2 different formats of the test to score and distribute. See this really helpful page on the LSAC website all about the digital LSAT:

    I would recommend retaking it in July, I signed up for the July test myself. The 2 major benefits are that you will get to see your score before deciding whether or not to cancel and if you decide to cancel, LSAC will allow you to take the LSAT again, before April 2020, FOR FREE. I see the July test as kind of a freebie and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as far as the LSAT goes. I try to improve study methods digitally now as a kind of prep in case I get the digital format in July. I understand a stylus will be provided in July if you take the digital exam, so you would still have the ability to highlight and underline.

    If you are feeling ready and it will help relieve testing anxiety to know you'll get a paper test, take it in June. If you are not ready, take it in July and see how it goes! There's still a chance in July that you will get a paper test and if it doesn't go well in July you can always put in more time and take it again later (for free!!) again :) Best of luck to you!

  • tltl1111tltl1111 Yearly Member
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    Does any of the 7Sage tutors know if they will be giving scratch paper for LR?

  • pavansingh23pavansingh23 Alum Member
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    Does anyone know if I sign up for the July 15, 2019 one today, and then a month later am I allowed to additionally sign up for the June 3, 2019? Or will that not be possible for me? I'm starting studying today, and I need to sign up for a test to be committed, and I'm on the fence about June/ July, firstly due to time (3.5 vs. 5 months) and secondly due to this new digital format.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    Much appreciated, Pav!

  • tltl1111tltl1111 Yearly Member
    78 karma

    Sorry to sound like a broken record. Does any of the 7Sage tutors know if they will be giving scratch paper for LR?

  • squanchersquancher Alum Member
    11 karma

    Not sure if everyone above has seen this or not, but it says on the LSAC website that "LSAC will provide scratch paper and a pen for test takers to use during the test. We will provide a stylus that can be used to underline and highlight text on the tablet." I'm assuming scratch paper will be available for the entire exam, as it doesn't specify otherwise! :)

  • 422 karma

    Sorry to sound like a broken record. Does any of the 7Sage tutors know if they will be giving scratch paper for LR?

    You will be given a scrap paper booklet that you can use for the entire duration of the exam for all sections.

  • tltl1111tltl1111 Yearly Member
    78 karma

    Thank you !

  • TexAgAaronTexAgAaron Alum Member
    1723 karma

    Is there going to be a way to practice multiple exams via tablet? I feel like that is going to be the biggest hurdle for me.

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