Games Containing Sequencing + Conditional Rules

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Hi all,

I’ve taken the LSAT twice now - once in Sept. 2018 and again in Nov. 2018 - and both times my experimental section was LG. In each of the experimental LG were games containing multiple (or even exclusively, in one game) rules that combined sequencing rules (such as A — B or [AB]) with conditionals packed into them.

For example: (A — B ) —> (C — D)

For whatever reason, I found that having multiple rules in a single game like that to be very difficult to conceptualize and make quick inferences. I’m worried that I may run into one for March or June given they’ve been on separate experimental sections twice now. While I’m fairly experienced in LG, I haven’t taken every section out there. Would any of you happen to know if there are games with rules like this and which PTs they’re on? I’m having trouble off the top of my head. Thanks so much for any help!


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