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Dealing with house chores while Studying

sheila22sheila22 Alum Member
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I barely read discussions on how people balance their time with their significant other and doing house chores while studying for the exam. Especially when you’re planning to study for 3+ months. My partner and I been together for 2+ years and for the past 1.5 months we’re both been studying for our exams (mcat/lsat) but we find it hard to coordinate and balance our time with each other/ cooking/cleaning/ shopping/ taking care of bills. Side note, I also work full time (8-5:30).
I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to go about dividing tasks that will definitely not go away on their own. Especially cooking is a big issue for us.


  • PrincessPrincess Alum Member
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    Hey! You're right...there aren't any discussions about that. I'm guessing people just share that with like friends or family. I think it would be really difficult to find time, but it comes down to just sharing that basic understanding that you both are working towards something. Maybe time together simply means sitting down, studying together, enjoying a meal, and just having a chat. For cleaning and cooking, maybe it would be possible to do it during breaks. It's not as if a person is going to sit for 10 hours straight studying for the test, so make sure you use your breaks very carefully.

    Shopping...I always loved online shopping haha! It works though, or just have a day where you guys try to spend an evening together. Go to the mall, go shopping, have a dinner, and just relax for the evening.

    Cooking...meal prep. Honestly, it's going to come down to meal prep for a few days, or you just have to do it during breaks, or UberEats haha

    I hope that was a little bit helpful! Good luck to you both on your tests :smiley:

  • AlexAlex Alum Member
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    I would meal prep and use meal delivery services like blue apron to cut down on time spent food shopping. Amazon prime is also a good way to order things that you know you’re going to need each month (paper towel, toiletries, cleaning products, snacks you both eat, etc).

    As for the the actual chores themselves, we would just take turns doing things. That might mean on some mornings you have to get up a extra early to clean and do the laundry, but that’s what it is.

    I found that a lot of chores only take a few minutes if you don’t let things pile up. For example, I always wash whatever dishes I use immediately after using them. It might take an extra 5 minutes, but it sure beats waiting until there’s a sink full of dishes.

    I generally worked a couple hours later than my SO as well as many weekends. As a result, she would do a lot of the cooking/cleaning/shopping for us on the nights I worked late. And on nights she would have to work late, I had no problem handling the cooking/cleaning.

    We coordinated so well that by the end I knew it was my job to make the bed in the morning and her job to shower first and hurry up getting ready so we could get to work on time lol.

    We both worked a lot during my time studying, so time was limited. We just set date nights and things like that and scheduled them far in advance. Also we would always take time before bed each night to spend quality time together, even if it was only a half hour. Again, it might mean someone needs to cut their study time short or make additional sacrifices. But if you’re both willing to do that then I think it’s very doable! In the end, it just comes down to willingness to compromise.

  • etkowalskietkowalski Free Trial Member
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    I’m glad this conversation came up. I myself am married with an 8-month old on top of that. I’m planing on taking the LSAT this summer and have been studying since January. I also work full time. This is very daunting considering how much time and work is required to get a good score.

    It can be a really tough balance. My wife has been really cool and supportive, but it’s still hard to balance especially considering I have limited time to devote to both studying and spending time with family/chores around the house.

    I think first and foremost setting expectations up front is really helpful. Coming to some sort of agreement on when you will study, when will be chore time, and when will be relax time. For me I set about 2 hours after work every night fully devoted to studying. The rest of the time I either cook or help with our baby. Saturday I wake up early and study a little longer. It’s tough, but I also take Sunday completely off to fully devote to my wife and baby as well as knock out weekly chores.

    The up front dialogue we had set the expectations about the realistic requirements for this test and have definitely helped. On top of that, the Sunday off really helps to keep me from burning out and not lose sight of the most important aspect of my life-my family.

    Hope this helps. I think it’s definitely doable and I’ve heard others be successful under similar circumstances. You got this!

  • LCMama2017LCMama2017 Alum Member
    2134 karma

    We use a meal-delivery service and that has saved us.

  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
    3256 karma

    As others have said, this can definitely be difficult, but there are things that can help. Meal prepping is definitely a huge help, or even crock pot type meals that you can start in the morning and not have to think about too much. If you aren't big on meal delivery services, most grocery stores now have services where you order online and then just go and pick them up for a small fee. It saves time and honestly can save money even though you have to pay the fee because you don't grab a bunch of extra stuff while you're shopping. I also find it helps to get things done as early as possible during the day. Could you get up and get some of your studying or chores done in the morning before work? My SO and I never specifically divide up the chores- some weeks she's busier than I am so I do more, and some weeks I'm busier and she picks up my slack. I think if you can get into the habit of just doing small things as you see them come up, that can help a lot

  • 1Science1Art1Science1Art Alum Member
    269 karma

    When I would sit and study for hours on end, I'd sometimes need a break just to get up and move my body. I remember thinking that because my time was so precious, I could either go for a quick run to get the blood moving, or I could clean my shower or vacuum etc. so a lot of times I would do a chore as a break from my studying. I remember once I was taking a shower and brought scrubbing bubbles in with me to kill two birds with one stone. ( I might have taken it a bit far with that one, 2out of 10 do not recommend) lol
    The mindless repetitive motion of the chore was not only a nice physical break, but it was also a nice mental break.
    You'll get good at sneaking in a little here and a little there, and like another mentioned above, if you stay on top of it it shouldn't ever get so bad that it takes up a large percentage of your time.
    Hope this helps, good luck with your studying

  • jasminesadejasminesade Alum Member
    249 karma

    Hey there! So I'm in a similar situation, but I'm not working currently. However, I think I might be able to give you some advice in terms of organizing time to do those chores.

    My bf is a first year law student and I'm studying for this exam. We are both constantly at the law library (basically from 9-5) and sometimes even longer. The place definitely gets messy and obviously in terms of paying bills, going grocery shopping, dishes, cooking, laundry, etc. are all jobs in themselves! I suggest you choose one day in the week to go with your SO to do groceries. Probably the day you are off or after you get off work. We have food at home for mornings/nights and eat lunch at the cafeteria here. Therefore, I think choosing a day that works for you and yours to go do the groceries once a week is extremely important.

    In terms of the household chores, I think it is important to sit down with your partner and go over dividing up the tasks. If I'm doing laundry after a long day of studying then my partner will fold them and it gets done pretty fast. If I cook, then he always does the dishes. It's all about compromising and you'll be surprised at how easy it is to get all those things done as a team.

    Sometimes it's hard because you're both studying and chasing your dreams, so I do have to remind myself that not everything can be perfect. We might have to order pizza or get Postmates delivered on some nights because we were not home all day and don't have any food.

    Anyway I hope I helped in some way and wish you both luck on your exams!

  • GuillaumeGuillaume Alum Member
    edited March 2019 652 karma

    I found doing dishes right after you finish eating helps so that it doesn't just lie in the sink for days. I also scheduled chores into my calendar along with exercise, social and relaxation time. It's important that you have a life outside of work and the LSAT; I was most productive when I had a balance of my own life and studying. I think this is important for not burning out.

  • sheila22sheila22 Alum Member
    64 karma

    Thank you all for your comments! Found each and every one of them helpful.

  • vitamincoverdosevitamincoverdose Alum Member
    615 karma

    Breakfast: wheatbix / Lunch: Soylent / dinner: grab a salad bowl from grocery store, or soylent. I make batches once every two weeks, freeze them and take my soylent packs.
    Plus, this means I only have to wash a cereal bowl and a spoon.

    Laundry: Washing and drying doesn’t take that long... but I don’t fold them. Just wash them separated and they go straight into the designated drawers.

    As for cleaning, I just use a lot of wipes. and chlorine. and a lot more wipes.

    I also don’t go grocery shopping since everything gets delievered to me on set dates. Also almond milk lasts a lot longer, so I don’t have to throw away half-cheesed milk carton every now and then.
    As for the bills, the companies just take my money from my cards automatically, and the card companies from my checking... I do check the amount, but it’s pretty consistent.

    But this could be a little harder for people with roommate/partner.
    Automating/freezing everything just makes my life easier.

  • ajstephens93ajstephens93 Alum Member
    116 karma

    You should win the lottery

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