LR Questions - Misc. Questions and Mindset

BlindReviewerBlindReviewer Alum Member

Hi all,

So I'm drilling a lot of LR timed sections using early PTs (10-20s) because I've kind of burned through the 40s and 50s repeatedly and I want to save the 60s onwards for full, fresh tests. Other than the two for one question-stimulus questions, I feel like once or so per section there's a misc. question stem (e.g. 13.4.17, 13.2.25).

I was just wondering, how common are these misc. question stems in the newest tests? I've done a few PTs in the 60s and 70s and remember there being fill in the blank questions, but nothing quite like this? I was just wondering whether or not these have made a comeback in any way, or if I should just ignore them.

My second question for high scorers in LR, what is your mindset like while taking a section? Currently, I'm experimenting with the balance between making myself go faster/stay on task, and staying calm enough to process everything yet not go too slow. Do you guys tend to lean in either direction? I know it's personal, but just curious.


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