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I have 2 monthsHs to study

I’m taking the June 2019 lsat. I am really good at lg but bad at everything else. Do you guys think I can achieve a perfect score. By June while working and taking classes if I study at least 6 hours everyday. I’ll prolly be doing more. I am just so nervous and I have so much anxiety I can’t even sleep.


  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
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    I'm sorry, but if you truly are "bad" at 3/4 of the test (reading comp and two LR sections), you can't improve enough in two months to get a 180. I think a five point increase in two months is pretty reasonable. If you're working and taking classes, I don't think it's reasonable to expect yourself to study for six hours a day. That's pretty difficult even if you don't have anything else going on in your life.

    I think you need to take a step back and evaluate. What should your goal score be based on where you want to go to school? If it's really important to get a 175+ score, are you okay with having to delay a cycle so that you can take a year to study? Some people don't even get that score after a year. This is an important test, but it shouldn't be making you lose sleep. A certain amount of nerves is normal, but if this anxiety is causing problems in your life you should consider seeking out professional help. I don't say that in a critical way at all- I take anxiety medication and wish that I had started sooner. There's no shame in getting help.

  • Patz4lifePatz4life Alum Member
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    You might be able to get a perfect score on logic games along but for the entire test? Very unlikely. I'd set a more realistic goal

  • PrincessPrincess Alum Member
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    Hey! I think it would really depend on what exactly you're trying to improve and what areas you're struggling with. I had to go through the course for the second time and it's just been me trying to figure out new ways to improve. This is some general advise I have and I posted it before:

    Logical Reasoning/ Drilling:
    Depending on which areas you think you could improve in, I might suggest that you do some timed sections of LR and RC. This will just get you a bit more experience with the test. Make sure you continue to foolproof the games because they always do need practice. It may even be helpful to do "confidence drills" which is something that is mentioned in the post CC videos, if you've seen those. I feel like that could be helpful to just time yourself in a section and try to see how many times you're getting it right on first insticts.

    With the Pts, you want to make sure that are BR'ing correctly. You want to make sure you don't skip through videos because the way JY explains the WRONG answers is so much more helpful than just getting the RIGHT answer right. You want to know why something is wrong, how that wrong answer could have been correct, and how it may be the correct answer in future logical reasoning questions.Depending on your weak areas that you will find in analytics, you could then target those certain question types and drill those sets!

    Logic Games FoolProof BINDER TECHNIQUE
    Once you have finished the lessons of the Logic Games, you are going to print off the the logic games bundle which has EVERY game from tests 1-35. Now those games, you want to do atleast 1 game EVERY DAY. Make piles, time yourself, repeat the ones you miss, continue the next day, and don't stop. The piles get bigger, it gets frusterating, keep watching the videos, and you will be fine.

    Basically, I decided to print off the logic games bundle which was like all the games from PTs 1-35. I also added to the binder if I did a PT and would just put the games into the binder afterwards. I’ve been using google sheets to track my time, how many I got wrong, what date I first took the test, and more. If I got it wrong the first time, it goes in the second binder which is for more practice. If I missed questions, I would highlight it in red. I highlight in yellow if I had timing problems or if I’m just not 100% confident in the game and got lucky. I move those games to the second binder.

    So, I’ll do like 10 PTs, move games accordingly to the second binder, redo the games, and see if there is improvement. If there is improvement, I move the games in the yellow tab for “practice”, but if I still suck…they stay in the red tab.

    Usually, I just try the game, time myself, and step away from it. I will try to finish atleast 4 games. Then, I look over the games once more and decide if I want to stick to the answers or not. Which is sort of my BR, I guess. Then, I check the games! For the logic games, I swear it will just click because they just are repeated over and over.

    This gives you more of a rubric to go off from because you learn what areas you're still weak in. This time you DRILL those areas, such as flaw quesitons or strengthen questions. You will get better slowly. Don't forget to BR all of these.

    Now as you're studying, drilling, doing logic games, then start the RC and just try to see how JY does it. Look at different strategies and implement those. Depending on that, you want to take the test and keep BRing, then taking more tests! I went from a 144 (i think? maybe 143? idk) to a 162-165 in about 3.5 months. I am still studying and trying to take my time with the course, and am hoping to get a 170+ by July. I think you can get into the high 60s or even 70s, but it's going to be ridiculous amount of work! It will all be worth it though!

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