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What are you all wearing to Admitted Students Programs?

hawaiihihawaiihi Free Trial Member

Hi all! It's been so inspiring to see the success of this forum through every cycle. Just for fun/for reference/to help others out, since it's Admitted Students Program season, what are you all planning on wearing for your weekend? Congrats to all applicants!


  • kpj744___kpj744___ Alum Member
    231 karma

    I wore business casual to one, and a full on suit to another. I think it depends on the school, and I should say that I had yet to be fully accepted at the one to which I wore the suit. When I went to the other admitted day (where I was admitted), I wore black pants and a blouse, but no jacket. There were others there in jeans, hoodies, etc. I thought that was a bit too relaxed, especially since all the attendees from the university were definitely dressed up.

  • eRetakereRetaker Free Trial Member
    2043 karma

    I am planning to just follow the school's recommendation and most seem to say casual.

  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma

    I’m planning on going business casual-ish. Nice pants, collared shirt. My SO, who is a female, wore a nice top and black jeans w/ nice boots.

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
    8392 karma

    Typically, business casual is appropriate. But you will see everything there - jeans and hoodies to full suits. Things change depending on the school's culture as well. The Southern California schools tend to be more relaxed. I can imagine some of the elite schools and NYC/East coast being a bit more formal. But generally, you will fit in with business casual. For me, that's usually something like black pants, comfy flats, nice top. Do keep in mind that you will likely be on your feet a decent amount, whether touring the school, walking to various panels, or standing around for mixers. I'd still avoid flip flops or tennis shoes, but wear something that won't keep you in pain.

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