FAFSA - When do I get my financial aid package?


Hi all,

I submitted my FAFSA for law school months ago and I wanted to know if anyone knows when we'll hear back? I've been accepted to a couple of schools at the moment, but not all of them have given me merit-based scholarships and I would need to know how much the government is giving me, before I can safely financially commit to a school...


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    Congratulations on your offers of admission! You should contact the Office of Student Finance of each of the schools and ask them when you can expect to receive your financial aid package so you can make a fully informed decision before you commit. Good luck!

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    It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get any money as a grant from FAFSA. They will offer you loans, but almost never grants or scholarships.

    The vast majority of law students finance their education through school scholarships and fafsa loans. There are two types of fafsa loans, one requiring a credit check and the other not requiring a credit check.

    You can usually borrow $21,000 per year without a credit check through FAFSA. Then everything additional will require credit.

    You should meet with or call the financial aid office at all of these schools and check to see how most students finance their legal education and what the median debt figures are.

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