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How to file a complaint against LSAC, or how to kick their asses?

JohnFishJohnFish Member
edited March 2019 in Law School Admissions 24 karma

Hey folks,

I am a current applicant.

I am having problems with the LSAC transcript system. Among which, I am most pissed by the following: I told LSAC that my internship in Germany has no university transcript. They ignored my email and told schools that I applied to that I did not submit any transcript. To me that is lying.

They are still lying to schools: they refused to release my CAS report because they are conducting some magic with my transcripts.

I got rejected by a school because of this. The school simply said sorry we never received your full application.

Any ideas to kick their asses?

I was thinking perhaps local consumer protection agency.

-- A bit more about myself --
I had an US undergrad and an European LLM degree. I had undergrad exchanges, which amounted to less than one year of academic work in total. I asked schools and they said we would not require additional transcripts.

However, LSAC required some Germany University transcript with my internship abroad. They also demanded all exchanges transcripts. They made this demand two weeks after I submitted my application, while they already received my undergrad transcript a year ago and it looked fine on their website.

I quote their rules on international transcript for US undergrad here:

you were directly enrolled at one or more institutions outside of the United States, its territories/associated states, or Canada and the total amount of work you completed at all of these institutions combined is the equivalent of more than one year of undergraduate study in the United States, its territories/associated states, or Canada.

Thank you.


  • Lawster9Lawster9 Alum Member
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    I would recommend calling them. I've heard that they are quite helpful on the phone in similar situations.

  • 261 karma

    I am same situation here. US undergraduate and European LLM, and ran into the same situation as you!!!!!!!!!!Crying, this is the worst agency in this world.

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