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Need some advice on what to foolproof

Lawster9Lawster9 Alum Member
in Logic Games 393 karma

I foolproofed all the games in the core curriculum (including the problem sets included with the starter package). Afterwards, I took PT 37 and was able to solve 2 out of 4 games in the section, which was an improvement from being able to solve a total of zero games. Next, I completed the RC section of the CC, and my LG skills have gotten rusty to the point where I can barely solve one out of 4 games in the section.

I'm not sure whether I should foolproof the games in the CC again, or foolproof the games in Pt's 19-35 (I can't seem to find the PT book for 1-19). Appreciate any advice with this. Pretty anxious cause I'm signed up for June, and I seem to completely suck at games.

Which games to Foolproof
  1. Should I foolproof the games in the CC again, or those in PTs 19-35?6 votes
    1. Games in CC.
    2. Games in PTs 19-35.


  • TexAgAaronTexAgAaron Legacy Member
    1723 karma

    If you can do the 19-35, do it! It covers a wide ranging amount of games and will give you plenty of exposure. LG comes down to recognition and repetition. Fool proofing games you have done before is great, but seeing fresh games is also extremely important. There is a certain challenge having to put your skills together for a game you have never seen. Plus, the games change in minuet ways as you get to the more recent PT's so you want to be ready for those (mainly the re-emerging of the miscellaneous games). Good luck!

  • Lawster9Lawster9 Alum Member
    393 karma

    Thank you!

  • Victoria.Victoria. Legacy Member
    553 karma

    Would you have time to do both? I'd recommend taking the games you've already foolproofed and redoing them by section. At the same time you can foolproof the games in 19-35 individually. Make sure to foolproof/review right away. I used to do each section at least twice, the first time I'd take it timed and then I'd do it right after untimed. You'll want to work up to doing fresh timed sections, but I think this alternative may help for now. You'll definitely be able to improve on LG, just don't skip a day of it. Try to do at least one timed section each day you study (I'd actually recommend 2-3 sections per day once you get the hang of things). I hope this helps!

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