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2019 Asia Test Dates???

Hello everyone,

I am planning to take the LSAT in South Korea for the upcoming cycle. I was hoping to take it between sep~nov.
BUT, the official LSAC website only indicates that the 2019 test dates in Asia are Sunday, March 31, 2019 & Sunday, June 23, 2019. Since today is April 28, that only leaves the June 23 option.
Is this going to be only time I can take the test in Asia??? or will there be more releases of dates in the near future?

Thanks in advance!


  • KeepCalmKeepCalm Alum Member
    807 karma

    Hey! I could not find any exam dates for South Korea after the June 2019! I think there has not been an update on the international exam dates list on their website, it would be best to call LSAC and ask them :smiley: I would have called them myself right now but their offices are closed

    +1 (215) 968-1001
    Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

  • libbiwilsonlibbiwilson Free Trial Member
    29 karma

    Hey! I’m waiting for the dates myself (at the Tokyo location). Last year, the next test was October 2018, and then January 2019. I’m surprised they haven’t released the dates yet - May 8th is the deadline for June test takers to change their date to the fall for a fee, so hopefully they’ll have the fall date listed by then. Part of me hopes the delay is because they’re adding more dates (two dates in the fall would be ideal), fingers crossed!

  • Adam HawksAdam Hawks Alum Member
    990 karma

    Asia should have at least three test dates. January, June, and October.

  • Trees are GoneTrees are Gone Alum Member
    192 karma

    It's just not up yet. They're probably trying to figure out the ways to accommodate the digital lsat.

  • Linda1205Linda1205 Alum Member
    214 karma

    No digital I believe. More coming!

  • Mike_RossMike_Ross Monthly Member Sage
    2989 karma

    Asia test dates for October 13 and January 12 are up!

    Anyone know what times they usually are?

  • 414 karma

    @Mike_Ross said:
    Asia test dates for October 13 and January 12 are up!

    Anyone know what times they usually are?

    For South Korea the October 13 exam is at 8:30am :neutral:

  • Alice003Alice003 Alum Member
    690 karma

    @Mike_Ross, why would you want to take Asia test rather than America test? Would you share it with me? Thank you so much!

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