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Is it common to not finish maybe 2 or 3 questions on the LR on time?

paul.sellaripaul.sellari Alum Member

I always take too much time on the first half of the section and rush to the second time. I've taken 10 preptests so far, and 7 of which I have at least one LR section I couldn't finish on time. Is that common?

It's always questions that are worded too long that trips me up, and also I always (try) eliminate all the wrong answers when I take them. Could that be the reason as to why it's taking me so long?


  • Adam HawksAdam Hawks Alum Member
    990 karma

    It's ok. Speed comes with mastery. Focus on being accurate. It's more important to have 15 correct for the first 15 questions versus 15 questions in 15 minutes with 5 errors. Just focus on accuracy.

  • thecmancanthecmancan Alum Member
    161 karma

    What I've been doing lately is taking my sweet time going through LR section.

    I take old LR sections and run through it once just reading the stimulus and doing a prephrase.

    Then I go through the section again answering the questions using just the information from my prephrase.

    Finally, I run through the section again. If I get anything wrong or thought the question was really tough, I'd watch JY's explanation and read over some free explanations on other sites.

    So I run through one untimed section 3 times.

    The best analogy I can think of is when a car racer doing countless untimed laps around a race course just to slowly learn all the ins and outs. They only get up to speed once they start approaching race day.

  • Victoria.Victoria. Member
    553 karma

    I agree with commenters above and I'd like to add that I was in a situation similar to yours when I first started taking pts. I think the best approach you can take depends on what your BR score is. If you consistently only miss a few in BR (i.e. no more than 1 or 2), timing might be your issue, if you miss more than that consistently you may need to review by question type/go back to cc and/or make a "scrapbook" of each question you miss and review and break them down carefully, look for patterns and watch all explanations. If timing is your issue, try shooting for getting through the first 10 questions quickly (or quicker) as you may be over thinking them, especially if the wordy stimuli trip you up as soon as you see that they are long. I used to get tripped up by them too and I found that if I was taking too long to just read through the stimulus, then that question was one I needed to skip and come back to. When I did that I found that the question with longer stimuli (especially the ones in the first 15) were typically easier for me once my nerves were gone. Hope this helps!

  • eRetakereRetaker Free Trial Member
    2043 karma

    I never quite got the timing down even towards the end of my studies, so I can definitely understand your frustration. One thing that worked for me however is that practicing to diagram MBT type questions will definitely speed things up. Those types of LR questions are very similar to LG questions in my opinion so they're the easiest points to obtain and everyone has the ability to learn how to diagram faster. When you're practicing LR questions just take a few moments to draw out the logic for those MBT questions so that you get more accurate and quicker on them to free up time for the assumption family questions.

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