PT31.S3.Q14 - Ethicist: Both ASA and TPA are clot-dissolving

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JUNE 2000

section 3 Question 14

Main Point

PLEASE HELP. I am confused about why the conclusion is what it is. When I saw the word "since" I knew it was going to introduce a premise. Then I saw the word "because" and thought it introduced another premise. so I thought the main conclusion was the sentence about "when relatives of the patient who die simply because they were given the less expensive medicine" because the last sentence does say "must ALSO be weighed..." assuming there is extra information being included. But then again as I am typing this I think I was just think "too deep" about it because as I am reviewing the passage it does a lot simpler. However, I didn't think it was the conclusion when the previous question had the sentence "what must ALSO be taken into account..." was considered the premise and not the conclusion. which can be found in the same PT but in section 2 Question. Does all this make sense?

How can I differentiate between the premise and conclusion if it has the world ALSO?


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