PT31.S2.Q10 - If something would have been justifiably regretted

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I realize that "d" is the (a) right answer.

But I can't figure why "c" isn't just as good, if not better.

To fill the logic gap, I need to establish that "forgone pleasures" were both desired and would have been regretted. C does exactly that.

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    Can you double check the question cite? 3.2.10 is a MBT question

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    @drbrown2 thanks, I corrected the it!

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    Our premise says if Justifiably Regretted, then should not be Desired.
    Our conclusion says Many (some) Forgone Pleasures should not be Desired.

    So we need something that says Many (some) Forgone Pleasures are Justifiably Regretted.

    In lawgic:
    Premise: JR -> D

    Conclusion: FP <-some -> D (many can be mapped as a some relationship)

    Gap: FP <- some -> JR (A some B, B -> C, A some C cookie cutter SA form)
    D is exactly that.

    C translates into D and R (not JR) -> FP which doesn't match what we need.

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