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Digital RC Low-Res

Andrew AlterioAndrew Alterio Alum Member

Anyone else struggling on the digital RC about how to markup the low-res notations for each paragraph? Solutions?


  • drbrown2drbrown2 Alum Member
    2227 karma

    Can you jot it down on your page for notes? Just maybe set aside some space for each passage for structural notes. Not sure how much writing it down in a separate area will help you versus keeping that information in your head.

  • gabes900-1gabes900-1 Member
    edited June 2019 855 karma

    I would just low res on your piece of paper/notes. The only pain is that you would have to look up and down during the test, but that seems to be one hindrance of going digital for RC and games.

    What I have been doing is trying to memorize the low res summaries in my mind quickly after reading a paragraph, jotting the low/res on my piece of paper, then proceeding with the next paragraph. And doing this technique for the whole passage in digital prep. It seems to not be too different because it actually makes me call the low res summaries from my memory even more than paper.

  • Pride Only HurtsPride Only Hurts Alum Member
    2186 karma

    I have a feeling the memory method is definitely the way to go now that the test is going digital. I will changing my approach to be more centered around that. Ideally, that means not markup is required.

  • gabes900-1gabes900-1 Member
    855 karma

    @"Pride Only Hurts" Agreed. This seems like the optimal solution to digital RC since you can't really mark up the passage as much as you could before on paper.

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